Residents covered under Medicare may be covered up to 100 days of skilled nursing care following a qualifying hospital stay as long as the resident meets the medical criteria for Medicare coverage. If Medicare benefits apply, Medicare will cover 100% of the daily room rate including all ancillary charges for the first twenty (20) days. Residents are responsible for a co-insurance amount at the current rate for days 21 through 100. Medicare will not pay for personal care supplies, laundry, transportation and beauty shop services. Notification of non-continued coverage of Medicare is given to the resident and/or responsible party in writing at least two days prior to discontinuation of services.


For those residents covered by Medicaid, the Medicaid program covers room and board, nursing care and certain ancillary charges. A Medicaid resident will not be charged personal care supplies, therapy services, prescription medications less than six, medical supplies, laundry, oxygen and inhalation therapies. Medicaid residents are responsible for a monthly liability amount as established by the Department of Social Services and for beauty shop services and transportation during a Medicaid stay.

Private Insurance

We also accept payment from Private Insurance policies whose coverage includes a stay in a skilled nursing facility. We will very benefits but do not accept insurance as a guaranteed form of payment. Long Term Care insurance claims are the responsibility of the family. Our business office personnel will assist in the filing of such claims. Please review your insurance coverage to determine the scope of your policy plan. Residents are responsible for co-pay and deductible amounts.

Business Office

Please consult our Business Office with any questions about payments, benefits, or insurance coverage. The Business Office sends out monthly statements at the first of each month.


We strive to provide a home-like, cheerful, friendly and hopeful atmosphere for our residents. We make available and utilize all services necessary for the emotional, physical, social, and spiritual enrichment for each individual resident we serve.